Saturday, February 3, 2007

XML Manipulation the Linq way. Simple and clean

Most often people found that manipulating XML can be quite troublesome. Recently i'd found a very simple way to manipulate XML. Let say i want to create an XML file having this format:

<*Title name="DisneyWorld"*>

use this code:

XDocument doc = new XDocument("music.xml");

new XElement("Album", new object[] {
new XElement("Title", new XAttribute("Title", "DisneyWorld")),
new XElement("Location", "") }));


that's it, the music.xml has created.

btw, u wish to read it. Let say we want to get the value of "Location" we can use this code:

string location = doc.XElement("MusicCollection").XElement("Album"). XElement("Location").Value;

how about Title's name?

string titlename = doc.XElement("MusicCollection").XElement("Album"). XElement("Title").XAttribute("name").Value;

what if i want to motify the Title's name?

doc.XElement("MusicCollection").XElement("Album"). XElement("Title").XAttribute("name").Value = "Superman";

remove the Title's name?
doc.XElement("MusicCollection").XElement("Album"). XElement("Title").XAttribute("name").Remove();

Xml 's CRUD example enough? btw i am using System.Xml.Linq. To discover more please go to

Please keep updated with VS Orcas this month!

p/s plz don't confuse with the '<*', please imagine it as '<' . The reason i type it as because XML is prohibited


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