Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Extreme Programming Part 1 - Introduction

Extreme programming or XP is a software development methodology that aim to improve software development productivity, reduce risk and cost. The main focus is to develop software in incrementally, rapid prototyping and communicate frequently that lead to accept requirement changes frequently ( most programmers hate it) and However XP doesn't work for all scenario specially for mission critical system and large system because those system normally needs highly formal specification whereas XP programming is just the opposite.

The main challenge of XP is real fun because you need to do everything yourself and you will deal with customers frequently and communicate with your peers frequently. You got to work out with a prototype very fast an usually you need a code generator to generate the whole application for you. Eg. Iron Speed does the job. You got to test it and evaluate it for whatever reason to meet the requirements. XP is great if you have a small team around 2-6 people.

To be continued...

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