Thursday, March 8, 2007

Framework 3.5 linq rocks inside .NET 2.0

Today i have tested the Visual Studio Orcas CTP and I found the linq feature is really cool. I did some testing whereby i tried to create a class which uses some linq features. I compiled it with the framework 3.5 and finally i tried to reference it in my Visual Studio 2005. Guess what i managed to call the assembly compiled in framework 3.5 inside my framework 2.0 project. Therefore, this concluded that i could create my signed business logic classes using linq.

Great job!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition - Internal Error: Invalid reconciler parameter

If you are experiencing this error "Internal Error: Invalid reconciler parameter" when you are doing merge replication or sync stuffs, don't worry because the error is due to the directory path is too long to be supported in .NET, therefore you need to copy your solution folder and paste it to C:\ for instance so that the directory path could be recognized by .NET.

For more detail explanation, please go to

SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition Tutorial

Developing mobile application never been so easier with Visual Studio 2005. The SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition also comes with free. With a lot of support, there is no reason that I want to get started with my own written mobile application. To learn more about the SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition, please visit the to quickly get started the tutorials to experience the most advance features.

N Computing vs Personal Computing - my point of view

My company recently have a plan to improve existing IT infrastructure by replacing those old PCs so that our staffs could be happier and more productive. However, my manager was asking me to give him some advice and recommendation of it and he also did suggest me about the N Computing solution ( I was very impress with the technology because it could save us tons of money off from buying "duplicated" hardware and software licences.

After i had done my researches and I found that the device is not as cheap as i thought. In the US it is sold at USD50 per device however in Malaysia, it is sold at USD162. NComputing in Malaysia pricing is so ridiculous and unreasonable since today computing is so cheap that i could built a PC with a 2.8GHz processor, motherboard V+L+S, 512 RAM, DVDRW drive and casing (a PC really need a protection), which cost me at USD151 only. That is US10 cheaper and I could get a real computer rather that just a simple station box. I could upgrade my PC over time with more functionality but I have limited or no upgradable ability with the NComputing station box.

Are you wondering how i could built the PC so cheap? The reason is the PC has no hard disk inside because i want to compare between "Apple X" and "Apple Y". The concept of using N computing is to connect the station box (client) with the host (server) in multi-user session scenario using a network connection. However it also can be done by a PC without a hard disk since I could use a open source Linux OS distribution such as KNOPPIX ( to be loaded by just a CD or DVD!. Inside the distribution DVD, it comes with plenty of useful software including Open Office 2.1 and a FireFox Internet browser. In this case I could remote access to my Windows Server 2003 host which supports multi-concurrent user via the Internet browser. Therefore, I have no problem running Windows application such as Ms Office 2007.

As my conclusion, I would consider the station box if it is less than US50 else it should be an obsolete technology if the cost of making it is too high. Since today computing is so cheap, in which an unused CPU resources could be used as distributed computing purposes but not the station box.