Monday, January 29, 2007

Using 2 PCs at one time for better productivity?

Nowadays, we usually have 2 or more PCs at home. We networked them and shared the Internet. Well, for those who are bit geek, why not put your both PCs working in front of you. You will be amazed of significant productivity gain out of it. As for me, i have a notebook and a desktop PC. I use my notebook for writing blogs, surfing the net and do simple photo editing. On the other hand, i use my desktop PC as a web server, down loader, and also as my production machine. I make sure for each time i work, there must be something runing concurently and parallelly; just to do more and save time! Oh yeah, FYI, i always make sure my desktop won't crash and must be always stable, therefore i am using Windows Server 2003. Additionally I always visit or download stuffs from those trusted website. Likewise, I use my notebook so differently, i will do something wild until it crash waiting for reformatting. Cool?

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