Saturday, January 27, 2007

Object oriented Design

For those who are new to programming, you might just wondered what is actually object oriented design, OOD. Well, OOD is just a methodology in which we think things around us as objects and those object in fact can interact with each other. Therefore we want to model these things as objects in our written code. Sound interesting? if the design is well model in OOD way, we can actually can achieve the highest possible code reusability, program maintainability and development productivity. Nowadays, most of the programming languages today support OOD and in fact if you are a newbie, you are recommended to learn OOD because you will love it. Welcome to IT world!

Carso Owen

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Chatu said...

Dear Owen,

I am evaluating the elearning project you have build. I am very new to ASP.NET....Try to install the VAUL in my system according to your Installation instruction.

But could not able to find the "VUdatabase.sql" it possible to provide the database structure....Please let me know.

Waiting for your favourable reply.