Saturday, March 15, 2008

How to customize community server 2007?

Ever think of customize community server 2007? Yes, you can. However to teach you the whole thing will be long story, therefore keep thing simple. Just follow this guideline and try it yourself. Here the steps:

1. Download the SDK cs2007.1 from

2. Refer to short and tested step from (please follow the step from 1,2 and 3 only)

3. Install your cs2007.1 database

4. Compile and Run the SDK source code from VS 2005, note you have to do some setting in the property page such as running it from dynamic port rather than localhost ISS

5 .Copy the created theme from step 2 and paste the dir into the cs theme directory.

6. refresh and include the dir. Edit the pasted dir only.

7. try to edit the master.master such as remove the logo and run it and feel the different.

Good luck, i have tested it and it works!


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Owen Leong said...

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