Thursday, February 7, 2008

Different between web application and windows application

Obviously, by the name itself web application is built for web and can be viewed by internet browser. Whereas windows application is a program that runs under windows. People choose web application because web app can relatively easy to deloy and once deloy it is readily widely available to anywhere and anytime. The design itself is distrbuted and programmers do not need to worry so much about complicated deloyment consideration. Sometimes, programmers choose to write in windows application is because somethings cannot be possibly done by having web application. For example, extensive use of processing power such as graphic randering program, e.g 3D designer program. A special program that deals with hardware such as printer driver, have to be written in windows application. Usually "designer program" oftens built as windows application. Whereas business application that requires multi users such as inventory system is oftenly built as web application.

If you are unsure of which is the best choice to go with, please follow my guildline, -

first think of if the program can be easily built and deployed by having web application, if the answer meet these criteria, then go for web application.

Otherwise go for windows application. or perhaps a combination of web and windows which known as smart application which combinethe best of both.

As my own preference, i like web application because it is relatively easy to manage the communication between modules and because it support css which makes styling much easier and faster.

I had been building windows application by using the composite application block CAB... The framework is cool but deployment can be much hassle because you have to worry the security issues ( you do not want your files be hacked by the user because he got your files).

Last but not least, go for web if possible for business realated appplication.

Post me a comment if you are disaggree with me :)

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