Thursday, August 9, 2007

XML as data storage, query with Linq

Most of the time data is stored as database but how about data stored as a file format? If data is stored as file format meaning that we have much more power to decide the storage however file as storage is not always the ideal situation if data is too complex to store and difficute to manage. Today we see relational database is so successfull because of the database management design. We use SQL to manipulate data and we are happy with the power and the flexibility that SQL could give.

However, there is a problem that storing data in database always seem to be bulky for small application. Imagine that, you are creating a subsystem as a service of a larger system, which has is own database implementation. Logically, it is not advisable that the sub system use it own database or share the data store with the larger system mainly because having a it own database is too bulky and has environment limitation. And, if data store is shared meaning that integration will be too costly and complicated.

The solution is to use XML as isolated data storage. We have to build services around the data and expose it as interface for larger system integration. Having using xml as data, the integration is much simpler and less impact on the overall larger system.

Most people i would say do not like to query XML data because of the complicated query and it is not SQL liked. However, now the situation has changed, you can query data having SQL liked by using linq to XML. Developer can use linq to query XML data. In the next discussion, I will show you how you can play around with this Linq to XML technique.

Frackyly, i do not like XML as data store until i found that Linq has so much to promise.

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